The project


Skyline Residence forms a perfect oneness with its environment. The orientation of the apartments, the panorama, the large size of green areas provide real nature-imbued experience.


Special architectural solutions of the buildings and the apartments – large internal spaces, angled terraces, functionality, intimacy – ensure both relaxation and ease.


Skyline Residence is built for those who consciously plan and live their lives, who appraise the importance of environment, energy efficiency and sustainability.


Forest at arm’s length

There are but a few who may mention the wonderful view they have of one of the most beautiful metropolitan cities of Europe from their garden. And it is a real privilege that after leaving the garden the most beautiful excursion places of the Buda-mountains can be reached on a short walk. We may make our choice from among fabulous routes (Tündér-rock, Erzsébet Lookout, Széchenyi Lookout) but running tracks covered with recortan can also be found here. The Children-train is an ever interesting program for families with children; meanwhile an autumn walk in Gesztenyés Garden or Jókai Garden will definitely relax us.


Concerts, attractions, programs at arm’s length

A basically tranquil quarter has its effervescent places, too. On a warm spring day the vicinity of the chairlift of Normafa becomes populated quickly; but you may make your choice from among the programs offered by the MOM Beach. In cooler days the Sport Centre offers splendid relaxation possibilities; in the evenings among others concerts, cinemas and other cultural events await curious people.


Culinary enjoyments

Whether it is a confectionery looking back to great traditions (Szamos), elegant breakfast bar, retro or modern butcher’s shops (MészárSteak), Brot-bakery or Austrian wine bar, you can find various culinary treasures on the meandering streets of Buda. Places of gastronomy are diversely spread on the map of the district: sometimes in smaller or larger crowded nodes, sometimes sporadically in quiet streets. You may select a place of enjoyment from among producers’ market or bio market or small, more than half-century old espresso bars.


Best choice

The area is favourable from the transportation aspect, too. It can be approached by bus from several directions, stops are at a 7-minute walking distance on the average, and the buses head to the largest traffic nodes of Buda (Southern Station, Széll Kálmán Circus). For those riding bicycle, the cog railway at an easy riding distance is of great help. The area can easily and quickly be reached by car either from the city (approx. 20 minutes in low traffic) or from the country (motorway M7). Attributably to the hilly terrain, this part of Buda is characterised by tranquil days free from traffic noise.


Famous schools, prominent institutions

The district is abundant with high-quality schools, from the bilingual, art or religions general schools to universities of national significance. Apart from education, art is decisive in the area; several famous artists had chosen the Hegyvidék as their studio and residence. Some of these locations such as the Barabás Villa or the Jókai Garden play the role of a museum and frequently house various exhibitions and other events. As we walk the streets, we might meet marvellous architectural solutions; historic villas, imposing buildings, galleries offer unforgettable spectacles, also, one of the Hungarian observatories can be found here.

Panorama with veteran trees

The basic concept of the project has been offered by the demand to harmonise the astonishing natural endowments and modern architecture. The ever interesting panorama, an almost untouched forest in the middle of the city, a pair of plots separated by a private passage – these are the building blocks of Skyline Residence. The buildings represent high aesthetic value composed of modern, contemporary architectural elements. Their controlled elegance refrains from stereotyped design elements or schematic simple patterns; meanwhile they satisfy the strict criteria applicable to this part of the district owing great architectural history. A settled style with open spaces, large white surfaces and excitingly composed accessories emanate natural atmosphere. An exclusive residential quarter which is close to and meanwhile is far from the crowded city.

The project

1st phase, planned handover

December 2019

3 250

m2 living space



12 700

m2 green area